Wednesday, 21 October 2009

What you doing reading this? Get over to, we have.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Pump tracks are hot

Ride magazine hot / not list, 5th from bottom.

Technical tests

Had to skip a visit to Devon with George this weekend to help Banners with a Ride complete bike test. The merry band built 10 complete bikes at Dean Lane and the testing began. Will did a top job getting BF running and the test was rounded off at Hengrove. Check the video, who says we don't properly test the products?

Friday, 16 October 2009

The time has come for colds and overcoats.

Havent been down the woods in ages now. Soon though, had a good time off...excited to get going on the new ideas and lines.

Been working for Phil on a new council funded pump track and learner dirt jump park in Weston super mare. It was way radder than i expected as well, i reckon its perfect for getting kids stoked on riding dirt and progressing...not as gnarly as a full on BMX track...i will going down for a session or 2 over the winter especially cause we have properly surfaced it will grit and lime dust so it should ride all year round.

Went and had a look at Weston Woods trails while we were down that way as well...kinda sketchy, sandy, carpeted and slack MTB lips but could be fun for a mess about should you find yourself down that way....nice sunset in the carpark as well.

went out on what seemed to be the Digmore WAGs night...

And i know which energy drink i perfere when dean lane nibbling.

Went to see Turbowolf (official digmore band?) with Kung, Craig, and Malboro Pete and went to the lanes for bowling after. Kung took the victory.

Went for a walk in the countryside will Te flying Kunalungadingdong and Jamaican Will.....interesting things were found and good views viewed. and some pleasant countryside tagging under a road

Leeroy came down form brumingham for a night this email from him on monday....made i laugh!

"Lee Hathaway 12 October at 13:38
Hello Jorge.

Sorry I lost you Saturday night at Mr Wolfs. Not sure how your night ended (any fights?) but mine ended being pretty random in true Leeroy Silk fashion...

In brief...
Pulled a pretty sweet hun from London.
An invite back to her friends pad.
A bmx Vs taxi race.
A failed BMX Vs Taxi race.
A phone call.
A Treasure hunt - Find a packet of Beef Monster Munch to win the hun.
Very early morning blast round Bedminster.
Found said hun at 4:30.
Got into argument over a duvet with some other lad who was trying to pull afore mentioned hun.
Won argument (and the girl) but lost duvet. Argument man slept in bath (!)
Woke up after too few hours sleep.
Chilled with tea and bacon butties.
Left with an offer to visit London and paint the town :o)
Got back to Kungs at about 1ish and was called a dirty stop by Nic :o)

All in all, t'was a very good night.
How was yours?

Lee-I-am (founder member of the Black Eyed Lee's)"

Lee is shit at riding. Look at this photo of him trying to ride a vert. Silly fucker got it ALL wrong. i mean how did he end up over there?

Also had an email from Rich about his new spot. Looks like its got potential. going go and check it out when he gets back from Nepal.

Went see Alexisonfire with Cookie. He wears slippers out. 'they are comfortable' Cant argue with that logic.

I learnt never follow links or watch videos that Boyd posts on Facebook. That kid is disturbed.

But he has got an edit up on his blog, Digging For Victory of the trip he and the cheltbmx lads took over the summer. Good times.

This rad:

Matt Roe x Robbo - Villij / Lotek Brand from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

This is hilarious:

This is a photo i tried to take in Mr Wolfs. I hate jazz funk. and so does my camera. this seems to be a visual imagining of jazz funk.

This coaster made me laugh.

This is Steph. She works in Mr Wolfs and is Rad(ford)

This is written on the ceiling in the blokes wazzers about Steph.

Work hard in school and you can grow and drive sweet Cadillacs and eat Miss Millies fried chicken on East Street every night of the week.

Thats it. Weekend is here. Going to Devon to see Toby.


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

loose lips sink ships

Hope your sitting down.....things are a changing.

what does this button do?

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday Evening

Spotted this earlier on and thought it looked cool, there is a link to more photos on the prettyshady site. Possible ideas for something to build next to our dirt bowls?

Correct answer to Mr Gilbert, saw this in the museum earlier.

2010 is all about these down the track.

Or is it these, i'm confused.

And finally, tanning, euro style.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

this one goes out for all my mad kungs in the front row

The weather has been rad. For drinking cider anyways, the digmore detox has been sacked off..inbetween the arrival of the freshers and peer pressure, booze and nights out seem the order of the week just gone. The woods have been raped. i am kinda burnt out on the place, everything is dry and haggard and no water left to fix the place up, things are running into a state of disrepair and i for one am just waiting for the rain and getting stuck into a winter of stacking and getting stuff 10x more radford for next year.........

go download TV on the radio, that is a band everyone should be listening too:

Sam fowler sent me a video....mainly DH stuff and at 2:45 some pump track the risk of sounding salty however, I wasnt to happy to see the berm being treated like a downhill track at the 3 minute mark. Riding them like that blows them to a little respect and water and sweep before getting your gnarl on and try not to to do cutties in the bottom of berms. Thanks. Other than that one little blip...its a rad little video..cant work out how to embed the video but it can been seen


You know when you know someone really well and then find something out about them you never knew...well that happened with Kung in the pub the other day:

Turns out he has a double jointed little finger. Put your hand flat on the table and bend your little finger back....Kung's bends back at the first joint. FREAK.

Nothing much is really happening down the woods, although my friend did get an email at work asking for a Tony Benn DVD and the email was from ever knew the little scamp had an interest in Tony Benn's defining moment? The plot thickens.

I was trying to explain trail politics to a girl the other day and she said, 'you mean its like Mean Girls on wheels'...that was the funniest thing I have heard in ages.

Saw this in a inthegnar post....this guy has to be one of the best douchebags ever. More then worth a watch..

Thats Tommy...straight laxin, waiting on a steak sangwich and cheezebaws.

Its Homer's Birthday today...Happy getting a little bit older dude.

Did you hear Homer is the biggest Nike slut going? Inbetween shooting the Tunnel Jam and wearing nike shoes...Me, him and The Gerrmann have been working on a load of dirt shapes for Nike photoshoot for Paul 'skidpan' Bliss...we have been told not to leak anything, but i have a load of photos i will post as soon as i am allowed without Nike/Skidpan double teaming my arse. Also is it true that Will and Josh 'miami' Bryceland are now best mates?

Anyways..........Homer and Nic have been getting into the Bristol life pretty good......drinking and chilling with some Falafel King.....if you have never had a falafel king do yourself a favour, next time you are drinking in Bristol, its the best way to end a night....(if you dont include a rub and a tug at a certain little place near Turbo Island or are Adi and not stoked on garlic)

My Mum came down at the weekend and gave me these tomatoes she grew. They look like giant jelly babies.

Toby has been in Bristol this week....eating pasta dishes made from my mum's jelly baby tomatoes......We all went and semi dominated the spotted cow quiz tuesday night 3rd place finish.....Herrmann came away with a Full House in Bingo for shots round....won a bottle of champagne but traded it in for a bottle of Red. Seemed pretty happy....

Cant believe I somehow made it to age of 26 without seeing this video.....

This is weird. What kind of terror can be stopped on a Segway............this guy maybe?

Found a new woodland friend the other day...think it was stoat but Adi wasnt there to confirm it....Couldnt get a good photo....but did get a shady one of his head poking out of his hole in the back of a the first hip landing in Kung Foo.

Taff posted this Facebook....shit i would like a winter session there.....but for now, i have taken over a week to actually bother finishing this post and finally....................



Saturday, 26 September 2009

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


about time too, woods were beginning to look hagard

Belgian Collection

Finally made it down to Boyd's woods...rad little spot he has got running after only 6 months of digging....the roller coaster set up into the line is weird as hell, but fun when you have it sorted. He's got some weird plans for the winter. looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. Hope to get some more sessions in before the seasons out.

Boyd mixing up some repair clay.

strange old tunnel next to the jumps.

First conkers of the year

Squared off niceness

The digmore detox is going good. Drinking epic amounts of ginger beers now though.

Somerset sunsets on the way home.
My savaged hip after hittin the eject button at (R)oyds.

Will Herrmann is back in town for the winter. Always treats hanging out with him. He was learning one foot tables the other day:

(sorry about the bung camera phone photo)

Adi has bought a motorbike after months of talking about it. Going to custom the hell out of it, another project i am looking forward to seeing the end result of:

Been to see a few of bands this week:

The Computers

The Computers - 'Teenage Tourettes Camp' from carl shanahan on Vimeo.


Florence and the machine

Future Islands

The Gerrmann got quite excited by this band. 'worth a pound'. Not as excited as when i told him about the Minus the Bear Acoustics album.

The woods are too dry now. need some rain.

Its all been getting exciting round my way recently. The landlord, from the dodgy as fuck pub behind my house, car got tourched last week:

Then Sunday just gone a massive ruck kicked off outside, there was a few police cars, a riot van shit loads of coppers running about. Went out the next day to find my windscreen in this state:

Thats blood in the middle of the impact, made by some fuckers head. Savage.

Talking of blood and savage things. Finally got hold of a copy of Banned 3. One of the best bmx films i have seen in ages, not that I actually watch that many, but this one is definately rad.

Banned 3 -better off dead trailer!!! from Banned Vids on Vimeo.

Other rad stuff i have seen on the internet recently:

Mancycle, which is incredible:

And saw this on sasquatch canyon and didnt know whether to laugh or cry. When i lived in Bournemouth, I was once walking to the pub when a car pulled up and a chav jumped out, called me a 'skater goth' and punched me in the face then got back in the car and drove off. I wasnt hurt so much as confused to what the hell a skater goth was. This dude seems to be a trials goth. There is room for everyone in this world i suppose:

right, best go chase the police for some compensation.